VELO 2021 is the unique yearbook with detailed information about the 2020 cycling year.

The pandemic that affected the entire world turned the 2020 cycling season completely upside down. From March for several months, everything – including cycling – came to a standstill. In June, the rest of the cycling season, and therefore also the future of VELO, is questioned. This exceptional yearbook celebrated the appearance of its 65th edition a few months earlier. Was this also the last? No, and that undoubtedly to the big delight of cycling enthusiasts and collectors. In the summer of 2020, a new calendar was launched, covering the lion’s share of the major cycling events. It turned out to be a very concentrated season. After all, the three grand tours and the many spring classics took place in just three months, from August to the beginning of November. But cycling was saved and in its wake also
the 2021 edition of VELO, thanks to the will of the publisher, Antilope De Bie Printing, and the entire VELO team.

This is not a traditional edition of VELO, but it remains loyal to its predecessors with 272 pages in color. It contains the results of the cycling season in all official disciplines. Exceptionally, the individual sheets only relate to riders under contract, who achieved results according to our usual criteria during the 2020 season. This also includes riders who put an end to their careers. The calendar for 2021 can also be found in VELO 2021. At the time of going to press,
it was impossible to publish a reliable composition of the professional teams. And we have not forgotten those who have left us either.

The release date of Velo 2021 is set for February 12th and will be available as from February 15th.

Press & media

The release date of Velo 2021 is set for February 12th and will be available as from February 15th.


VELO offers advertisers the choice of different options: publications in VELO, VELO bis and on the website.

With a large print run and a considerable reader reach, advertisements are ideal for raising your company or project profile.

They can also provide good support for targeted actions. Both the content and design of the publications receive special attention.


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